Let’s Talk About Your Business

Building and growing a business can be tough, especially in THIS environment. There’s more competition than ever, profits are tight, and it’s hard to build a dedicated, synergetic team around you.

I get it.

No matter how good your business appears to be, or how hard you work, the key is having the right people in place that will help you grow, both personally and professionally. Someone who asks thought-provoking questions that inspire you to think DIFFERENTLY and more CREATIVELY. Questions that make you EXCITED to create change and crush momentous goals.

I am here to be your partner; whether it’s for a one-off, a series of sessions, a strategy afternoon, a customized mastermind, or a full training program: Whatever will get you to the finish line; I am committed to getting you there.

    “Coaching isn’t Therapy;
    It’s Product Development, with You as the Product “
    – Fast Company

    Brenda Kolasa

    I help my clients to enhance their professional performance, leadership skills, and overall effectiveness. Here are a few of them:

    Change Management

    As a Prosci Certified Change Practitioner, We will work together to ensure your organization has the right elements in place, to create successful change.  We will focus on the people side of things vs the technical side of things; after all, if your people aren’t in alignment to the different aspects of change, chances of success are remote. 

    Leadership Development

    I support my clients in cultivating leadership qualities such as vision=setting, strategic thinking, team building, and inspiring others to build better cultures and leadership capabilities.

    Stress Management and Work-Life Balance

    I help my clients manage their stress, build resilience and achieve a healthier work-life balance.

    Clarifying Goals and Objectives

    I help my clients identify their professional goals and objectives, aligning them with the organization’s vision, values and projections.

    Self-Awareness and Confidence

    I help my clients understand their strengths, weaknesses, values, and blind spots, enabling them to make confident decisions as they go through their daily challenges.

    Skill Development

    I assist my clients in developing specific skills such as communication, decision-making, time management, conflict resolution, change management, emotional intelligence and brand management.


    I help my clients recognize areas for improvement while gently holding them accountable for their commitment and actions.


    “Brenda helped our organization with time management training for some of our staff. She was incredibly thorough, energetic and engaging. All employees that took part in the program felt it was extremely useful in helping them stay focused and on task with their workload as well as aided in better managing of the day to day challenges that come their way. We would highly recommend Brenda’s services!”

    – Ashley Hoffer, Director Of Operations at Electrogas Monitors Ltd.