Brenda Kolasa
Are you tired of not seeing positive growth in your business? 

I help business leaders spread their wings and achieve exciting results through business development, enlightened leadership coaching, accountability and training.

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Allow me to introduce myself…

My name is Brenda Kolasa, and I’ve been helping business leaders develop and sustain their businesses in authentic, exciting ways for years.

My background as a corporate brand designer, business success and leadership coach, event planner, speaker, leader, mentor, and training facilitator has helped to serve my clients in many unique and different ways.

Let’s talk about what working together could do for you (and/or) your organization.
If you are looking for specific training, my team and I offer a customized training programs that are currently covered by the Canadian Federal Governement for up to 2/3 of the cost.

We will come up with a customized plan that will serve as a lighthouse for you and your business.

Did you know:

Coaching is shown to have a compelling, positive impact on self-confidence, mindset, health, and work performance for Leaders in Business. For instance, when an owner or manager experiences professional coaching, staff and team members also benefit from the subsequent mentoring, leadership development, and positive culture the manager infuses back into the organization.


Get clear on what it is that’s standing in the way to achieving growth goals positivity wthin your business.


Take positive action to reach the next step with unique tools and mindset shifts that will create momentum and sparked energy.



  To know you have the tools and expertise at your disposal to achieve real change within not only yourself, but your staff and business as a whole.


With positive change, comes a renewed energy and focus that re-ignites your business and propels your success. 

“I recently completed Brenda’s 4-week coaching program.  My business was going through a major transition and I was overwhelmed with the changes and workload.  At the time my creativity was at an all time low. When Brenda offered her services I was thrilled to try something new. The experience was eye opening and truly amazing.  Not only did it help me regain my creativity but also pushed me through a few unresolved issues I thought I already dealt with.  It couldn’t have come at a better time.  I have many people around me for support and guidance but I can honestly say this program is like nothing I’ve ever tried before. I am so grateful for Brenda and her coaching. Thank you!”

Desiree Evans

DIY Assist

I just finished the Achieve Mastermind course with Brenda and it really opened my eyes to the many challenges that can arise as a business owner. We covered everything from core values and goal setting to networking and testimonials and much more. Brenda is knowledgeable and confident as she leads and aspires to help others reach their full potential in growing a business. I highly recommend Brenda as a business coach and her Mastermind course.”

Anne Thiessen

Wellness 4 Every BODY