Tired of spinning your wheels and wondering why you’re not seeing real results in your business?



…to achieve their money-making and client-attracting goals, with the confidence to master that sabotaging inner critic and by developing key habits and productivity strategies that will shave 6-10 hours off per week to do the things that they love again.

When we can learn to find joy in the process instead of being attached to a distant outcome, 
we start to see progress and get some REAL sh*t done as our business starts to GROW with conviction once again!

You Knew it would be Challenging…

But I’ll bet you weren’t expecting it to be so exhausting and overwhelming as well!

We all lose momentum every now and again. Let’s do something about it.


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What's Getting in Your Way?

Get clear and focused on how to tackle your limiting beliefs and fears to finally reach your intentions, goals and objectives in an effortless and easy way.

Stop Procrastinating

Achieve goals quicker and easier with renewed clarity and dedication as you start to become ‘unstuck’, empowered and unstoppable. Bah-bye overwhelm!


Become a Better Leader

Learn new strategies to break through challenges, gain confidence, and build on skills to inspire and empower others.

Re-Ignite Passion in your Life

Become a master of your own headspace. Empower yourself with confidence, strength, courage, and resilience in the face of challenges.

“I recently completed Brenda’s 4-week coaching program.  My business was going through a major transition and I was overwhelmed with the changes and workload.  At the time my creativity was at an all time low. When Brenda offered her services I was thrilled to try something new. The experience was eye opening and truly amazing.  Not only did it help me regain my creativity but also pushed me through a few unresolved issues I thought I already dealt with.  It couldn’t have come at a better time.  I have many people around me for support and guidance but I can honestly say this program is like nothing I’ve ever tried before. I am so grateful for Brenda and her coaching. Thank you!

Desiree Evans

DIY Assist


12pt. Checklist and Guide

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