About Brenda Kolasa

I Have Always Been a Creative Thinker

All my life. We ALL are, believe it or not!

“Overwhelm Buster and Optimization Expert”

Whether it’s through, parenting, building my businesses, large events, or managing an effective team, being successful and innovative takes creative thinking – it just does!

I have a strong background in graphic design and entrepreneurship, and since 1994 I have capitalized on these assets to build several successful businesses. I’ve built teams, events, collaborative networks, personal and business growth programs; all while juggling a full life of being a Mom of 2 teenagers and a wife of 22 years. I’m an aspiring artist, nature enthusiast and kayaking/camping diva… and I know ALL ABOUT the different blocks and how they can throw you off track – personally AND in business.

This style of coaching has really made a difference in my life, and as a Certified Kaizen-Muse* Coach® I want to share that with you – one small (Kaizen) step at a time.

I can help you to THINK DIFFERENTLY,  come up with NEW SOLUTIONS and OPTIMIZE YOUR BUSINESS as you start to get unstuck and remove roadblocks getting in the way of your success.

If you or your team are struggling with obstacles getting in the way (maybe showing in the form as procrastination, perfectionism, overwhelm, self-sabotage or negative self-talk),  I’m your girl.

*Kaizen: Japanese for continuous improvement made through small steps
*Muse: Intuitional Inspirations and advice to directly call upon

Brenda worked with me in a coaching capacity at the beginning of my company’s start-up phase. At the time my brain was full of scattered information and tasks that overwhelmed me. Brenda was able to drill down to what I really needed, which was clarity and dealing with overwhelm. She helped to determine what thought processes were getting in my way and provided tools I could use to reset my outlook. The guided visual meditations were very useful. Especially considering I do not like meditating! I especially liked the way the follow-ups were written. They painted a clear picture of everything we discussed using the same words we used in our session. That, along with some quotes and keywords that we used as visual reminders, really helped keep me focused on my goals. Brenda is skilled at figuring out where the real problem lies and her gentle but clear voice made their mark. I still use some of the mediations and my journal to keep me going. I even write my quote or keyword of the day on a sticky note and keep it on my mouse pad where I can see it when I work. Highly recommend Brenda for those who need some clarity and a boost of self-confidence! Thanks Brenda!

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