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Before we talk about how we could work together – there is something you should know.

It may seem to be a stretch right now, but I truly believe that you have everything inside of you to create the life and business that you want – but here’s the deal:

You can’t achieve something by doing the same things and thinking the same way that you are right now.  A successful business requires someone who is FEARLESS. That includes being clear about their priorities and  how to get to their money-making goals, being confident and knowing how to reach through those fears, doubts and beliefs that we all have.  This requires the ability to think DIFFERENTLY about how to form new habits for success.

Are you ready to be more confident? More productive? Save 5-10 hours per week? Are you ready to be FEARLESS? Book a time below and let’s explore what it would be like to work together. 

Throughout my experience of building businesses myself over the past 25 years, I’ve been where you are. I’ve felt stuck, overwhelmed, unclear and have struggled with self-doubt in my business. This is an ongoing process, but thanks to a lot of hard work in my work habits and mindset , I can say that I now have the tools to not only empower myself when I need them, but the tools that get me out of overwhelm and procrastination faster, so that I can have better clarity needed to achieve  more of my business building goals. Now I want to share them with you.







“We had Brenda come in and speak to our team, and it was very refreshing!  Her approach to overcoming obstacles and pursuing our goals is very motivating and encouraging, both at work and in our personal lives.  I would highly recommend Brenda.”

Blair Nielsen

CSI Services

Services and Topics

One on One Coaching

A great investment for anyone looking to take their business to new heights. This coaching will help you to get unstuck and restore your momentum. You will develop new creative-thinking habits to allow yourself to become more productive, confident and successful as you crush your goals, objectives and intentions.

Accomplished online with Zoom.
Packages include 3 months, 6 months, 12 months and year round continuous coaching for the greatest benefit.

Please call 403-348-0120 to discuss or book your free call here.

Group Coaching

Online group coaching helps your team to develop a new style of thinking and be more clear on their goals and objectives as they create new ways of dealing with obstacles and setbacks.

My signature RECHARGE Program runs once per year, but we can also design an online custom program specifically for you and your team.  

Please call 403-348-0120 to discuss or book your free call here.



My Masterminds are unique – people are always telling me that they have never experienced anything like them before, which makes my heart full.  You will discover various creative thinking strategies to awaken your inspiration and get over challenges in order to reach your goals and objectives. Gain specific tools and techniques, energy, support and accountability for you and your business in this group setting where everyone contributes to the success of one another. Masterminds can be set up as an in-house program with your team, or individually by joining one of the classes scheduled.

Accomplished online with Zoom

Find info on my yearly customizable Achieve-More Mastermind here

Find info on my Fall 5-week Chaos to Clarity mastermind here

Please call 403-348-0120 to discuss or book your free call here.

Workshops, Classes & Presentations

I love empowering people and sharing my strategies to get unstuck and gain momentum towards their goals, intentions and passions.

Both talks are focused on simple, fun and unique techniques that look at the various hurdles that get in the way, and how to overcome them to better our lives.

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Align Your Time Power Session


This has become a favourite for many of my clients. This 60-minute session comes with a 12-page workbook and an insight as to how to start to manage your days better in order to create the kind of business you are proud of and feel fulfilled by.  If you could save between 5-15 hours in your workweek so that you could use that time to create revenue, attract clients and experience more joy, would it be worth it for $179?

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Even Coaches Need Coaches!

Hear what coach Michelle Andrishak had to say about our coaching sessions together:


“Making sure that each step is small, manageable but full of quality and productivity is what Brenda taught me. – after working with Brenda I have seen really amazing things happen in my business and personally as well.”

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