A program that inspires, educates and offers opportunities for a stronger company culture, accountability and collaborations?

The Vitality Mastermind program encompass both personal and professional development at a whole new level. Programs run 6 – 8 weeks or longer depending on the needs of the company, cover over 22 hours of instruction and are 100% online.
Brenda uses her 25 year+ business experience with her background of visual brand design, facilitation and success coaching, and infuses her programs with the unique magic of Kaizen (Japanese philosophy and way of life term for ‘Small Steps for Continual Improvement’) to circumvent the brain’s built-in resistance when facing new challenges and lofty goals.

If you seek a fun, creative and innovative way to inspire and give your team focus, this is your program.  


Is your staff ready to start developing better habits for success and achieving more without getting caught up in the details?

Isn’t it time to INVEST in your team?

With VITALITY MASTERMINDS, your team has the ability to:

Achieve Higher Goals

Your team will learn how to crush goals and projections effortlessly through a simple and easy step by step method.

Produce More

Your team will learn concrete strategies to get past procrastination and distraction in order to crush that to-do list each and every day.

Kiss Overwhelm Goodbye

Through unique strategies, your team will gain relief from overwhelm, stress, and procrastination to get the results your company needs.

Better Habits

Your team will learn how to form better time management habits without falling victim to distractions and other time wasters.

Become Accountable

Each team member will be held accountable to their actions while improving employee relations with one another in the process.

Think Differently

Your team will begin to develop their creative muscle through different idea generation and productivity strategies that will help in all aspects of your business.


Hi, I’m Brenda.

I am a Business Success Coach that has used different achievement techniques for over 25 years. I have developed multiple businesses and each has had their own unique hurdles and successes that I’ve been able to get through. One of the most effective ways that I help my clients is through a Japanese philosophy called KAIZEN – Simply put, Kaizen means “Continuous Improvement made through Small Steps.” I’d love to share with you and your team what I’ve learn over the years in order to help you to achieve more for you and your business.


Discover positive mental, production and goal strategies that can drastically improve the success of your business. Give your team the ability to start implementing the same elements of success that profitable entrepreneurs use daily.

Within this mastermind, your team will be supported in their goals, participate in challenges as well as be able to explore a combination of unique tools, strategies, fun Lessons, and benefit from the collaborative support of the rest of the team who will act as cheerleaders for one another.


Turn Goals into Results through a proven step by step process.

Are you ready to turn your teams chaos, ideas and goals into easy and actionable step-by-step processes?

Throughout this 22+ hour program, we will discuss how to get past any obstacles holding your team back in order to generate real solutions, be more productive and achieve more of their goals without the stress, overwhelm, distraction and procrastination. Through various exercises, they will begin to start to see real momentum as they start to achieve their goals and projections in the areas you’ve outlined for the program. I will introduce my 3 favourite pillars of Kaizen, so that theyu can not only achieve more and reach higher goals, projections and intentions more effectively, but enjoy the process as well; one small step at a time.


Not sure how a Mastermind can help your team?

Masterminds can be a powerful strategy for your business, providing clarity, support, answers and a whole new way of thinking. Click to find out why you should look into customizing one for your business.


You will be able to select from 4-8 areas of focus for your team. From there, we develop a program that will hold their interest, provide insight and inspiration and creative learning opportunities. What areas of focus would make your company stronger?


  • ecoming more Confident
  • Building a positive and nurturing success Mindset
  • Coming to terms with Failure and how it can be a good thing for your company
  • Developing a stronger company culture
  • Transforming a complaining mindset to gratitude 


  • The importance of a Consistent Brand
  • Unique Marketing Ideas
  • Social Media: Where you should be spending your time
  • Identifying your perfect Client Avatar
  • Effective Networking Skills
  • Developing your perfect Elevator Pitch
  • How to come up with brilliant Social Media Post Ideas
  • Designing posts through Canva
  • Sales and Persuasion techniques
  • Identifying various personality traits through Colors or Disc Assessment


  • Curbing Procrastination
  • Getting past Perfectionism
  • Fears and Limiting Beliefs: Identifying what gets in the way of our purpose
  • Goal Achievement – the Kaizen Way
  • Building essential Time Management skills and habits without distraction, overwhelm and stress
  • How to become more Productive
  • How Negativity and Complaining affect your Workplace & what you can do about it
  • Learning to think more creatively through unique Idea Generation and Brainstorming techniques


  • Overwhelm and Stress Reduction
  • Better work-life balance to enhance and support a better business
  • How to include more Joy in the workplace
  • Benefits of Gratitude within the workplace
  • Core Value Statements to live by


Access to a private Facebook Group where they can seek support and inspire one another

  • Powerful live online classes, each covering 2 hours of instruction, mastermind hotseats*, and inspiring motivation.
  • Each receives one private 911 call with me personally to help lead them away from the cliff when they need it most. 
  • Strategies, workbooks and lessons that they can start to use immediately. These strategies have helped me to thrive in business for over 25 years, doing what I love to do!
  • Love surprises? I will surprise them with value-added inspirations and bonuses along the way that will help to grow your business and enhance your revenue!

*Hotseats are special opportunities where everyone gets a chance to share a roadblock or question to the group and you benefit from the wisdom of the crowd. The group is there to support your team as they share their own experiences. This becomes an extremely valuable asset to get unstuck and gain that momentum again.

What others say:


Nicole Lorrain - Workforce Consultant, Alberta Labour

“I had the pleasure of taking the Kaizen-Muse Mastermind class with Brenda over the last few months and can’t believe how life changing it has been.
I first registered for the class not knowing what to expect and really, I took it out of curiosity more than anything else. I was not really feeling like I needed anything in my life to reach the next level, but as this was something new that I had not heard about before, I wanted to know more.
I was pleasantly surprised to learn how it was structured and what we would be doing and over the first 3 months I have unlocked doors that I did not know were slammed shut. I have found new direction, new purpose and am feeling energized and ready for what comes next. Over and above that, I have made new connections with people in my community that I will continue well beyond this course.

I would highly recommend this to everyone, no matter where you are at in your journey”.


Wendy Ann - Sales Consultant

It can be difficult to let go of the things that we cling to, thinking we “want” or even need to have to be fulfilled. A step even before this could be to assess what is holding us in patterns and why….. the (KM) Mastermind program was/is so helpful in identifying and rooting out some old thought patterns and really asking ourselves why?


Michelle Andrishak - Wow! Women in Business and Leadership

“Brenda’s mastermind helped me learn new strategies to think outside the box, ramp up my personal accountability and find peer support during turbulent times. I highly recommend her creative strategies.”


Desiree Evans, DIY Assist

“I thought that the class was great! My best takeaway was that working under unnecessary self induced stress makes everything a lot harder then it has to be. I’ve now worked hard to be more practical about my stresses levels and it’s helped me be more efficient.”


The schedule is completely up to you and your team. I will work with you for the best time that is available for maximum success.

Costs starting at $879ea or $99/mth CDN over 12 months with a minimum of 4 participants. Government grants may be applicable for 2/3 of the cost.
Please book a call for a specific rate for your team or group.


What is the difference between a Mastermind and a Group Coaching Class?
Masterminds are a smaller, more intimate class where everyone takes a turn sharing their issues, brainstorming questions and challenges. They learn, support and stay accountable to one another in their journey.

Group coaching classes often have a few more participants and are based more on some sort of specific training. There may be times where there wold be sharing opportunities, but that would be completely optional.

How do you meet?
Kaizen-Muse Infinite Masterminds meet online through Zoom.
Does my team need any special technical skills?

Not at all. All they need is to have a free zoom.us and a Facebook account (optional). Being a Facebook Member is a definite bonus, as we will meet, connect further and upload documents in our private Facebook Group.

What if someone misses a class?

Sometimes, we just can’t help it, and one class wouldn’t hurt but to miss more than one will be hard for you to be able to connect with others, and the group totally misses out from not having you for those classes as well. Your group will be asked to clear their schedule for the times required in order for this class to be most successful.

Can I (the big boss) join as well?

Depending on the relationship you have with your staff, it usually is recommended that you do not participate to ensure maximum participation.

Is confidentiality ensured?

Absolutely. What happens in Mastermind stays in mastermind. Even though you will receive weekly reports on how the general class went (no names will be mentioned), you (the big boss) will not be privy to particular conversations or private discussions. This is to ensure trustability and complete transparency.

BOOK A CALL if you are ready to jump in and start to customize the dream mastermind for you and your team.

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