Do you wish you had more CONFIDENCE in the way you present yourself and your company, both online & offline?

Do you want to know how to IMPROVE YOUR BRAND RECOGNITION to have more impact?

Do you want to know where you should be spending your TIME for the best ROI?

Want to gain powerful techniques in NETWORKING and PROMOTING yourself more effectively?

One of the biggest challenges for new entrepreneurs (even seasoned entrepreneurs!) is finding ways to develop an aligned, consistent and cohesive brand that stays top of mind.
This takes courage, planning, and foresight:  To be able to work ON your business instead of IN your business all of the time.

This Visibility Mastermind is specifically for entrepreneurs and small business owners who know that in order to grow and expand their network and business, they need to be more visible to the right people.

Each class will provide support, strategies, and training to help you be seen as a confident expert within your field. When people start to see you and your business more,  your top of mind impact grows, and in turn, so do your leads, your client base, and bottom line as well!

By empowering yourself with a strategy to become more visible, you manifest a confident, stable and consistent business brand that can make a huge difference in your business.




Learn what SOCIAL PLATFORMS your customers are on and how to show up more effectively.


Develop a positive and encouraging MINDSET that will make you look, feel and act more empowered.

Practice makes progress!


Perfect  your ‘elevator pitch’ while learning different NETWORKING STRATEGIES and where you should be spending your time at!


Everyone is different and learning your unique branding Archetype and Ideal Client along with what constitutes your own unique brand can set you apart from your competition in a heart beat!


Through a custom PROMOTIONAL BRAND AUDIT, we will dive into what you’ve been doing for your promotionals and see where you could be more consistent and more effective.


Throughout the 6 weeks, we will have GUEST PRESENTERS on to talk about the language of your perfect Avatar, Brand Archetypes, Facebook and Instagram. A win-win-win!

Hi, I’m Brenda.

I am a Business Success Coach that has used different visibility techniques for over 25 years. I have developed multiple businesses and each has had their own unique hurdles and successes. I’d love to share with you what I’ve learned over the years and help you to become more visible, with more opportunities for you and your business.

Join me – this is going to be so much fun!



Here is what you get when you join:

  • The Visibility checklist and Strategy Map to help brainstorm, strategize, create and implement your unique action plan.
  • Social Media posting idea resource guide
  • Social Media content calendar to plan out online strategies
  • Promotional Brand Audit to see where you are at and what could be better
  • 6 live and online mastermind classes, where you have the opportunity to come with a roadblock, and gain the wisdom of the crowd as well as personalized feedback and advice from experts.
  • One private and personal 9-11 Call with me
  • Exclusive access to the Visibility Facebook group for ongoing support. Real time feedback and connection inside to brainstorm, upload what you’ve been working on, and become inspired through.
  • A private area in which to practice posting and video / lives.


– Gary Coleman | American Actor

Guest Presenters

Know who and how to speak to your Ideal Client

Kelly Sinclair from KS Communications is an expert in communications and will be discussing how to perfect who your perfect customer is and how to speak to them effectively within in your messaging for maximum impact.  A must-have for anyone  trying to reach their perfect client.

Know your Brand Archetype

Jamie Siv Rognstad from Mana Marketing is a brand and marketing expert and will appear as a guest to discuss the importance of knowing your brand archetype. She is a wealth of information, and you won’t want to miss this class!

How to attract on Instagram and Facebook

Kim Free from Small Town Girl Productions is an expert in both Facebook and Instagram and is excited to discuss how to be more visible on these two strategic platforms in one of our classes. Kim will be available to answer all of your questions – don’t miss it!

What others have said:


**NOTE: This class has been postponed due to the craziness that is happening with our world.
If you are interested in being on the waitlist for this Mastermind, please click below and Brenda will notify you of upcoming options for this class.

Cost: $479 CDN due upon class commencement


Nicole Lorrain - Workforce Consultant, Alberta Labour

“I had the pleasure of taking a Mastermind class with Brenda over the last few months and can’t believe how life changing it has been.
I first registered for the class not knowing what to expect and really, I took it out of curiosity more than anything else. I was not really feeling like I needed anything in my life to reach the next level, but as this was something new that I had not heard about before, I wanted to know more.
I was pleasantly surprised to learn how it was structured and what we would be doing and over the first 3 months I have unlocked doors that I did not know were slammed shut. I have found new direction, new purpose and am feeling energized and ready for what comes next. Over and above that, I have made new connections with people in my community that I will continue well beyond this course.

I would highly recommend this to everyone, no matter where you are at in your journey”.


Candace Homan, Candace Homan Creative

“Brenda is a master of creative thinking, brainstorming, and goal setting. She helps you break through your fears and limiting beliefs (and the difference between them). If you want to overcome obstacles in your personal and professional life, you NEED to invest in one of Brenda’s programs. You won’t regret it!”


Wendy Ann - Sales Consultant

It can be difficult to let go of the things that we cling to, thinking we “want” or even need to have to be fulfilled. A step even before this could be to assess what is holding us in patterns and why….. the (KM) Mastermind program was/is so helpful in identifying and rooting out some old thought patterns and really asking ourselves why?


Michelle Andrishak - Wow! Women in Business and Leadership

“Brenda’s mastermind helped me learn new strategies to think outside the box, ramp up my personal accountability and find peer support during turbulent times. I highly recommend her creative strategies.”


What is the difference between a Mastermind and a Group Coaching Class?
Masterminds are a smaller, more intimate class where everyone takes a turn sharing their issues, brainstorming questions and challenges. They learn, support and stay accountable to one another in their journey.

Group coaching classes often have a few more participants and are based more on some sort of specific training. There may be times where there wold be sharing opportunities, but that would be completely optional.

How do you meet?
Kaizen-Muse Infinite Masterminds meet online through Zoom.
Do I need any special technical skills?
Not at all. All you need is to have a zoom.us and a Facebook account (optional). Being a Facebook Member is a definite bonus, as we will meet, connect further and upload documents in our private Facebook Group.
What if I need to miss a class?
Sometimes, we just can’t help it, and one class wouldn’t hurt but to miss more than one will be hard for you to be able to connect with others, and the group totally misses out from not having you for those classes as well. If interested, please clear your schedule and treat it as an appointment not to be missed.
Do I get a deal if I can bring a friend?
I’m listening.. contact me and let’s talk – you never know what I may come up with!

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