Turning down the noise.

I don’t know about you, but the news has suddenly become all-consuming. Where we are with the curve, how we compare to other countries, other provinces, other cities, who is to blame? The Prime Minister has his press releases, the premier has his press releases, Dr. Hinshaw has her press releases. There are experts on every screen including at the top of our YouTube and Facebook feeds.


It’s too much.

For me, it’s time to turn down the noise and generate some form of normality – at least enough to get me through the day without spiraling and dreading the worst.  I turn off the radio.. the TV and social media. It helps to clear my head so that I can think again. To think about what I need to be doing at the moment for my business. What I need to be doing for my family and loved ones.. and most importantly.. what I need to be doing for myself.

I’ve started doing things that I don’t normally do in order to turn down the noise.

For example, I am on my 4th puzzle since all of this started happening. Puzzles used to be my go-to activity during the Christmas holidays… but now, I find that puzzles help me to concentrate on something else – anything else. They relax me without having to think of the negativity swirling around me right now (other than when I finally get one completed only to see that I am missing a piece! that is… ;/).

I have also completed a lopped wool project that I’ve had in my bedside drawer for over a year, played more games with my kids, and I’ve drawn more. I’ve tried to replace that negativity and uncertainty with something that gives me joy and puts a smile on my face instead.

Yes, I still tap into the news once a day, but honestly, I don’t go looking for information like I was doing previously. My piece of mind is more important than the numbers right now.

I’d love to know what it is for you – what turns down the noise for you lately?