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Success ACTION Hour - let's get productive - together

Power in numbers… This group ‘Zoom’ call (online), is our single hour to show up to our space (creative or otherwise), and crush it TOGETHER by getting things done that have been on the sidelines for far too long!

This is YOUR moment to be able to cross something off on your list… re-ignite a passion or take a small step toward momentum that you weren’t able to do before. No More Excuses.

At the end of the hour, we will reconnect to ‘check-in’ and celebrate what we’ve accomplished!

If you are interested in joining in, click here to be added to the waitlist. Once I know when works best for you, and we have a few others, I will contact you.

Interested? Please fill out your preferences here.

How to Win Back Your Motivation and Keep Doing The Work you LOVE Calendar Worksheet

Lacking motivation to do the things that you NORMALLY love to do? Download this free whitepaper to help you get that ‘love’n’ feeling back. GET IT HERE!

Go From Procrastination to BRILLIANCE whitepaper

Do you procrastinate a lot? Join the club. Download this free whitepaper for tips on how to get over this all too common hurdle, and finally get something done. GET IT HERE!

My Favorite 'Get' To Do List

I am a list person, and absolutely LOVE being able to cross things off of my list. When I am really strapped for time and deadlines, instead of placing a priority, I identify time slots (in 15 minute increments) to keep me on track. Works like a charm, and keeps me clear, focused and ‘squirell free’.

ps – If you identify your list as a “GET” to do list, it takes away the negativity around it, and makes it easier (and more fun) to manage. It’s a headspace thing 😉

Download it now

“I did a Coaching session with Brenda and it was awesome!  She is an excellent coach offering alternative ways of working through challenges.  She offers a unique perspective that helps you to think about things in a different way.  I would highly recommend her for her skills, ease of communicating and sound suggestions.  The emails that follow up the sessions are a great tool to look back on long after the session is complete.”

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