The impact of COVID-19 on the economy and industries is forcing businesses to diversify or temporarily pivot to other opportunities.

Most of us have extra time right now to think, strategize and reflect about new programs, new services and new offerings we could be making… whether we want to or not. Because of this, ask yourself one small question:

“What new ways can I serve my clients?”

A resilient business is always more stable in the long run. Have you thought about what could you come up with as a brand new offering? How can you serve your customers differently to create additional revenue right now?

Here are a couple of ideas that I have been learning about:

  • Distilleries are making hand sanitizers for people and adding value to their orders by including a free bottle with every purchase
  • Restaurants are putting up tents outside their storefronts, for roadside delivery. Grab and go. Some are even coming up with ways to help healthcare workers on the front lines – they are encouraging others to purchase a coffee, meal or pizza for those workers and they will deliver to them.
  • Wellness studios are delivering loaner spin bikes to clients so they can participate in virtual cycle classes.
  • Art cafes are offering ‘take home kits’ to keep the kids occupied, and be able to brush up on your own creativity
  • Manufacturers are developing alternative products such masks and clear counter barriers to be able to stay current and in business
  • Hair dressers and spas are finding ways to start to sell products online for free delivery. We still need hair products, nail kits and moisturizers. Why not order them from your favourite store?

Some of it has to do with becoming online friendly which is super scary for a lot of people. I truly think that after this is all said and done, we will be in a different reality – an online reality.

View this time as practice. Those who will take the time with patience and compassion to find ways to pivot more online, will come out stronger. So ask yourself one small question and just let it sit for a bit: “What is one thing that I could produce, sell or market differently than what I’ve done in the past?”

YOu can get some great ideas and inspiration by going online to see what others are doing in your industry. Start making a list – do a brain dump. Talk to your friends. Get feedback.

Post your aha moments in the post below and let’s get this rolling. Now is the time to be creative and think outside the box. Do you have anything better to do?

If you need someone to help you to clarify what priorities you should be focusing on right now, or how to get your business online, reach out and let’s start brainstorming.