I started this series in my ‘Empowered Business Leaders’ Facebook Group as a contribution to those who were dealing with the effects of COVID-19 in their businesses and in their lives.

These posts aim to help you to keep your mindset, habits, and perspective positive, focused, and energized as you navigate throughout this pandemic. In challenging times like this, we always have a choice – we can become agitated, panicky, and full of fear or we can focus on what we can do right now to stay calm, in control, and focused.

When all of these are happening, it allows us to move into action and become proactive vs reactive, which is not only good for our businesses but good for our state of wellness as a whole. As leaders in business, it is up to us to maintain a sense of calm. It’s hard to do when there is no income coming in, and you are on the verge of closing your doors (either temporarily or permanently).

The thing to remember is that every single customer that you have is feeling the same way. I’ve heard this period called the twilight of trust.  What we do now for people, will be what they remember tomorrow, and determine whether they trust us, or be self-serving. Today and tomorrow, I encourage you to start to reach out to the people that need you. If we follow the Kaizen way of thinking, reach out to 1 or 2 people per day to prevent overwhelm. See how they are doing and provide what you can. Your energy will heighten their spirits and they will feel heard, supported, and acknowledged.

Reach out to say “How are you doing? Is there anything I can do for you at this time?… Don’t worry, we are still taking orders… we are still in business… or even though we have closed our doors temporarily, we can still offer our support…” Whatever situation you are in, when you can go from worry and disbelief to serving and offering help, it uplifts you and provides an alternate to focus on.

If you need someone to help you to clarify what priorities you should be focusing on right now to get through this, reach out and let’s start to deal with that stress, overwhelm and uncertainty. I am here for you for the long haul.