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What would it be like to offer motivational and actionable strategies to transform your employees, co-workers or member’s worlds? 

Would you like your team to become more productive, feel more fulfilled and attain goals with more success simply by offering new and unique ways of thinking?

Brenda will creatively inspire you and your group with passion, enthusiasm and humour, as she shares unique strategies to get your team unstuck and gaining momentum again with their goals, productivity and ideas.

By being able to ‘hack the brain’ and break through barriers that cause people to feel stuck, frustrated and overwhelmed, we have more clarity in what we need to be doing to get to where we need to go, momentous energy to do it, and the confidence that success brings.

Participants will walk away feeling energized and motivated to start implementing Brenda’s simple and unique methods in breaking through doubt, fears, overwhelm, and mindset barriers.

All topics are focused on offering unique and creative techniques to get people to where they want to go, without barriers and obstacles getting in the way of their success. Each can be customized from a 25-minute presentation to a 4-hour workshop, depending on your time and requirements.


“Momentum is the fuel that leads us to our goals… our intentions… our passions. Without it, we feel stuck.”

Brenda Kolasa


“Always inspirational and informative. Your authentic approach allows room for me to also be real and honest”

Sam R.


Smashing Goals.. The Kaizen Way

In this presentation, we examine Kaizen (Japanese for small steps for continual improvement) principles and how to use this simple and gentle philosophy to create:

  • Less stress and overwhelm
  • Creative solutions
  • More confidence
  • Increased productivity
  • More joy
  • A better bottom line.

When we can fully begin to embrace Kaizen in reaching higher goals, projections, and passions with more clarity and ease, our lives become richer, and we are able to grow our businesses faster.

Through examining 3 pillars of influence, you will discover tangible solutions and easy adjustments that you can incorporate now to get through any hurdle and make great leaps and bounds towards your goals with ease and joy.

How to Get Unstuck and Create Resilience through Unstoppable Momentum

In this inspiring and inciteful presentation, we uncover 4 simple reasons that cause people to get stuck in their lives:

  1. Debilitating Thoughts and Fears
  2. Lack of Creative Thinking
  3. Unsupportive Habits and
  4. High Pressured Expectations

You will discover strategies to gain the momentum needed to get past any self-inflicted resistance preventing you from moving forward. When energy is focused on what’s possible instead of what is no longer available, new opportunities suddenly begin to show up in exciting new ways.

By being able to move past these traps, you will be able to:

  • Create a supportive, confident and resilient mindset.
  • Develop more clarity in where to focus your energy in order to build ongoing and actionable results.
  • Learn to problem solve by thinking more creatively and innovatively.
  • Embrace the gifts of your fears, instead of trying so hard to resist  them.

If you are trying to get ‘unstuck’ without success, it’s time to make a change. Brenda will help you get back on track, one small step at a time.

The Overwhelm Tool Kit for Ambitious People in Business

Life can be hard sometimes.

When you have business, family and a thousand other priorities all screaming for attention, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and out of control. This is when it can be comforting to know that you have a few proven ‘tools’ in your kit that you can count on to be able to regain a sense of control again.

As an award winning entrepreneur and multiple business owner, Brenda shares both what she has in her own overwhelm kit as well as options to customize your own.

In this kit, you will learn how to:

  • Identity how to choose the PERFECT tool to get out of overwhelm in any situation
  • Create a clear DIRECTION in where you need to focus on to get the best results for your business
  • FOCUS on the tasks on hand without distractions tripping you up and wasting 2-10 hours per week
  • LET THINGS GO that aren’t beneficial to you and your vision for your business
  • Become more CREATIVE in your thinking and problem solving
  • Teach yourself a different LANGUAGE (that supports you instead of gets in your way)
  • Find your HAPPY PLACE that will create energy and momentum throughout your day

 If you’d like discover Brenda’s 7 easy to use tools and strategies that you can implement immediately to persist through overwhelm (no matter what gets in the way) to do the things that move the needle in your business, contact me  and let’s build your own kit for you and your staff/team. 

From Procrastination to Unlimited Success in 5 Simple Steps

Everyone procrastinates in some respect, but when it starts to affect your work, you may have a ‘procrastination brain’ trying to sabotage you.

Discover the difference between ‘good’ and ‘bad’ procrastination, and what that means to:

  • Your success rate
  • Your health
  • Your productivity
  • Your goals
  • Your relationships

In this talk, we cover not only what it costs you to live as a chronic procrastinator, but also give you unique techniques to finally be able to start getting things done again!

3 Steps to Stop Sabotage In your Business

Are you sabotaging your own success?

  • If you are constantly fighting with your inner critic
  • If you are constantly procrastinating
  • and if you don’t have a clear direction on how to achieve your goals

…you could be sabotaging yourself. 

In this informative talk, you will learn 8 revealing signs that you could be sabotaging yourself and the 3 steps it takes to overcome those hurdles.

Daily Success Map to Take Back Your Time and Master Productivity

In order to MASTER your time, you need to start using a system to become more productive during the day. In other words, to work smarter instead of harder. 

Do you:

  • Leave the office frustrated with how much never gets done?
  • Get frustrated not seeing any progress in your business goals?
  • Seem to get overwhelmed by your lack of focus and growing to-do list?  

In this talk, you will discover my ‘Align Your Time’ 3 step system that helps to mitigate overwhelm and procrastination, and allows you to CRUSH your day – every day. 

3 Steps to Unshakeable Confidence

There is a clear connection between being confident and the ability to show up as someone who can be trusted to solve problems and make important decisions in business.

Most of us have times in our life when fears and doubts cause us to question ourselves – even the most experienced entrepreneurs struggle with this. 

It’s natural for confidence to fluctuate – but having the tools for an empowered and clear mindset can help to overcome those comparisons, doubt, fears and worry that we all have from time to time.

When we start to compare ourselves, and allow doubt, fears, and worry to take over what happens in our day, it becomes impossible to live up to our full potential.

In this informative talk, you will discover what it takes to have Unshakeable Confidence and the tools to get you there. 

“I took the most out of how detrimental and unproductive being a perfectionist is, and i also LOVED learning about the Kaizen way! Small changes can make big improvements and you helped me understand how.

Recommending to our office staff!”

Tanisyn W.

“Great for anyone who feels stuck or needs motivation in moving forward to get through their goals.”

Cathy T.

Brenda Kolasa | Speaker
Brenda Kolasa | Speaker

“We recently had Brenda speak to our team on “Creating Unstoppable Momentum –  How to get Unstuck and Build Resiliency through Tough Times”.

She was highly prepared, spoke clearly and knew how our business worked.
The team gave her all high praises, and we will certainly be looking forward to having her present to us again.”
Susan W.

“Very enlightening, professional and WOW!”

Shawna K.

“An amazing look at yourself and your activities that may be stopping you from being successful”

Kim H.

“We had Brenda come in and speak to our team, and it was very refreshing!  Her approach to overcoming obstacles and pursuing our goals is very motivating and encouraging, both at work and in our personal lives.  I would highly recommend Brenda.”

Blair N.

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