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“Momentum is the fuel that leads us to our goals… our intentions… out passions. Without it, we feel stuck.”


What would it be like to offer simple and actionable strategies to transform your employees, co-workers or member’s worlds so that they are able to become more productive, feel more fulfilled and attain goals with more success, simply by offering new and unique ways of thinking?

Brenda will creatively inspire you and your group with passion, enthusiasm and humour, as she shares the Kaizen philosophy and other unique strategies to get people unstuck and gaining momentum again.

Break through barriers that cause people to feel stuck, frustrated and overwhelmed to having more clarity, momentum and success.

Participants will walk away feeling energized and motivated to start implementing Brenda’s simple and unique methods in breaking through doubt, fears, overwhelm and mindset barriers.

“I took the most out of how detrimental and unproductive being a perfectionist is, and i also LOVED learning about the Kaizen way! Small changes can make big improvements and you helped me understand how.

Recommending to our office staff!”

Tanisyn W.

“Great for anyone who feels stuck or needs motivation in moving forward to get through their goals.”

Cathy T.

“Always inspirational and informative. Your authentic approach allows room for me to also be real and honest”

Sam R.

“Very enlightening, professional and WOW!”

Shawna K.

“An amazing look at yourself and your activities that may be stopping you from being successful”

Kim H.

“We had Brenda come in and speak to our team, and it was very refreshing!  Her approach to overcoming obstacles and pursuing our goals is very motivating and encouraging, both at work and in our personal lives.  I would highly recommend Brenda.”

Blair N.

Any of these topics can be customized from a 25 minute presentation to a 4 hour workshop, depending on your time and requirements.

Each is focused on offering unique and creative techniques to get people to where they want to go, without barriers and obstacles getting in the way of success.


Smashing Goals.. The Kaizen Way

In this presentation, we examine Kaizen (Japanese for small steps for continual improvement) principles and how to use this philosophy to create:

  • Better workspaces
  • Better company culture
  • Increased productivity
  • A better bottom line.

When we can fully begin to embrace Kaizen within our lives, we are able to reach higher goals, projections, and passions with more clarity and ease.

This interactive talk will help to create solutions and enable you to think differently about how to overcome certain situations that leave you stuck in your workplace and in your life.

Your team will learn how to make small Kaizen adjustments to your thinking and your actions in order to make great leaps and bounds towards your goals.

Creating Unstoppable Momentum: How to Get Unstuck & Transform Your Business

Stress is epidemic in today’s society, and it all starts with how we deal with the first step, which is when we get stuck.

If we don’t learn to control the ways in which we get stuck, we get stressed. If we can’t find ways to deal with our stress, we enter into burnout. This can be an extremely difficult AND expensive thing to climb out of.

In this talk, you will gain valuable insight into how and why we get stuck in the first place, and discover strategies to gain the momentum needed in order to prevent burnout, crush goals, meet objectives and enjoy your work more.

By being able to break free of the mental traps and hurdles that we all get faced with on a daily basis, you will be able to:

  • Create more joy in your day
  • Be less stressed
  • Be more confident to overcome any obstacle
  • Learn unique and creative strategies to implement change and move forward
  • Overcome common road blocks such as procrastination, perfectionism, overwhelm and negative self-talk
  • Embrace your fears instead of enabling them
  • Take action and get results

This fun talk will create awareness, solutions and ‘out of the box’ thinking for you in your business and your life. You will learn practical and concrete strategies to get out of a rut and gain back that much needed momentum to get you on task again.

If you’ve tried to get ‘unstuck’ before without success, it’s time to make a change. Brenda will help your team get back on track and be more productive, one small step at a time.



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