Small Questions

Been feeling ‘stuck’ and uninspired in your business lately?


TUESDAY, SEPT. 7th | 9am MST / 11am EST

Our brain is a powerful and VERY stubborn muscle. It does not want to be told what to do (have you noticed?)

Discover how to get unstuck and back into momentum by asking the RIGHT questions at the RIGHT time and watch REAL RESULTS happen within your business.

This free webinar will inspire you to:

  • Train (hack) your brain into cooperation vs resistance and doubt
  • Generate better ideas without the pressure
  • Reduce procrastination, overwhelm and stress, simply and effectively
Brenda Kolasa

Who the heck is this Brenda anyway?

Brenda Kolasa is an award-winning entrepreneur, podcast guest, speaker, and leader in personal development and peak performance strategies. Her passion is teaching entrepreneurs and corporate leaders how to create the life they desire within a clearly focused, joyful, and thriving business. Brenda uses her unique (Kaizen-based) methods to help those seeking more confidence, clarity, and efficiency while striving to complete business-building goals with ease.