60 Day Recharge Program

Are You Ready for a Recharge?

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60 Day Recharge Program

Are You Ready for a Recharge?

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Are you tired of not being able to see any progress in your business, and feeling fed-up, overwhelmed, and unfulfilled with your life?

Do you:

  • Experience self-doubt from that annoying inner critic on a daily basis?
  • Procrastinate from being overwhelmed with every priority and  lofty goal?
  • Work too many hours without seeing any growth in your business?
  • Get frustrated at how easily you get distracted during the day?
  • Allow fear and limitations to get in the way of creating more revenue producing opportunities?

If so, clear your calendar starting January 28th: WELCOME TO THE RECHARGE PROGRAM.

Why is it a continual struggle, while so many others seem to be:

  • Enjoying free time doing what they love to do

  • Getting more clients and making more money

  • So confident and self-assured

  • Genuinely loving their business and their life

You know you’ve got what it takes, but somewhere, some how, you’ve lost that focus.

That drive.

That confidence.

It’s hard to enjoy your business when you are constantly facing self-doubt over the decisions you do (or don’t) make, are in constant overwhelm due to 1000 things on your list and can’t seem to see the forest through the trees. 

The worst part, is that while you keep feeling more and more behind, you keep procrastinating and unable to hit those goals that you know will make you more money and attract more clients. 

You feel like you are treading water, and know that now is the time when you say ‘ENOUGH IS ENOUGH’.




Identify where you’re at within the 8 areas of life and remind yourself what makes your heart sing again.

Cut through the Clutter and become unstoppably Fearless. Face limitations that keep getting in the way of being able to grow your business and start to appreciate the gems that are offered instead.

Learn Motivational Mindset techniques and discover the pillars of unshakable confidence, as you take back control of your inner critic and instantly be able to shift from doubt to empowerment. 


Learn the ‘Simple and Easy Goal Crushing System’: How to hit your money-making and client attracting goals with clarity and without the overwhelm and procrastination.

Learn the ‘Align Your Time’ Daily System: Save 5-10 hours every week by reducing distractions, knowing exactly what you need to day to day, and staying motivated while you enjoy the process.

Save 5-10 hours every week by reducing distractions, knowing exactly what your day-to-day priorities are (the what, how and when for dead-on clarity).. all while staying motivated as you enjoy the process.

Ditch the crap and stress of 2020.

What if you could:

  • Sit down in the morning, feeling confident and knowing exactly what your priorities were; all mapped out for the day without any doubt whatsoever?
  • Reduce distractions with systems that would help you save 5-10 HOURS every week to start doing the things you love to do again?
  • Cut through the emotional clutter of fear, frustration, and beliefs that do nothing but hold you back, and start focusing on the things that actually matter with a supportive, confident, and unstoppable mindset?


In this 8 week program, and within my 4-Part Action Framework, I show you exactly what you need to do to achieve ALL of those things – It’s a NEW YEAR and it’s time to send the old one packing (seriously!… ) and RECHARGE YOURSELF FOR your BEST YEAR EVER.

It’s time to hit the EASY BUTTON and start a RECHARGE.

“The Method Brenda teaches is absolutely worth the money just for that alone.” – B.R.

I know what you are going through, because I’ve been there.

Through ALL of it.

You see, I’ve always juggled not one, but two businesses; overwhelm and doubt used to be part of my daily routine. I could never get clear on the priorities that would bring in more revenue, never mind implementing those priorities! After not being able to see any progress time after time again, my confidence took a beating, and I started looking in the classifieds again for a 9-5.

Deep down, I KNEW I would be miserable… and because I have entrepreneurism running through my blood, I knew I had to come up with a way to make it work – for ME, without having to answer or compare myself to anyone else.

I finally began the process needed to dig deep, and started to learn the tools needed to become who I needed to be to become more productive, save more time and be happier with the experience. The tools that made ME the boss over my inner critic and the fears that I used to struggle with.

I started to cruise through my list, because let’s face it… not everything was a ‘light your hair on fire’ type of task.

I started having more time for ME and the things that I love to do, and I started to ENJOY my business again.

Are you ready to know what took me 22 years to discover?  

After only 60-days, you will rediscover what fires you up, develop a supportive success mindset, learn signature strategies to overcome procrastination and overwhelm, and create better time-saving habits and start  hitting your most important goals in record time!
The best part? It’s only $897 for all 8 weeks worth of training, personal coaching AND over $1300 in bonuses!

Training kicks off THURSDAY, January 28 with a LIMITED in class size.

Live calls will be held from 9:30am – 11:30am MST.


Commit to finding more joy in your business and get more done with my 4-Part Action Framework:


Re-discover yourself, what you stand for and what lights you up in life. Use that energy to become fearless, confident and joyful throughout the journey of achieving your goals.


Start the day with with clear, actionable steps that propel you from one task to the next, closer to your money-making and client attracting goals, without any overwhelm, procrastination or doubt.


Clarity around what you want to achieve in your business, and how to get there with a proven system that takes all of the thinking and confusion away.


Create a system of small habits that will keep you engaged, energized and naturally wanting to do more of what matters and what makes you happiest.

UNIT 1: Manifesting an Amazing Year

Discover where you’re at within 8 areas of life, what needs attention, and how to manifest your best future.

UNIT 2: Unstoppably Fearless

Learn how to face your fears, limitations and frustrations in order to make them work with you instead of against you, so that you can continue to reach higher in your business without resistance, doubt and excuses.

UNIT 3: Goals Made Simple

Start the 4-week Goal achieving challenge that allows you to reach ANY goal with my signature signature system.

UNIT 4: Motivational Mindset

Learn the pillars of unstoppable confidence while overcoming doubt and taking control of that frustrating inner critic.

UNIT 5: Enriched Productivity through Time Saving Systems & Habits

Learn the “Align Your Time” Daily system and other productivity hacks to not only save you 5-10 hours in your week, but infuse what gives you joy along the way. What could you do with 5-10 extra hours for yourself each week?

UNIT 6: Unstoppable Momentum

Learn key techniques to stay motivated and in momentum throughout the day, the week and the entire year.


Create more revenue, attract more clients and continue to feel more fulfilled well after the program, with a laid out strategy map, breaking down exactly what to focus on and when for the greatest impact.

UNIT 8: The Power of Balance

Creating a deliberate and well thought out work-life balance to feel truly fulfilled moving forward. Life is too short. Let’s make it enjoyable!

As part of the experience, you’ll receive:

  • 8 weekly 2 hour live training classes with strategies and systems that will propel you into 2021 starting Thursday, January 28 at 9:30-11:30am MST (value: $2,000).
  • A supportive FB learning environment with fellow participants to receive added support and guidance between live classes.
    (Having a Facebook account is not mandatory, however this is where recordings, lesson plans and inspiration happens (value: $200).
  • Access to signature assessments, toolkits, checklists and worksheets (value: $500)
  • Access to my signature 4 week goal challenge system to start seeing progress on your 2021 goals with more more clarity, purpose and enjoyment all along the way – (value: PRICELESS).


  •  One 45 minute ‘911’ Call, at exactly the time when you feel you need a life raft – (value: $150).
  • Opportunities for spotlight training within our live classes – (value: $75per).
  • Opportunities to win prizes simply by being active within the group and completing each module (value: $300).
  • BONUS TRAININGS and DOWNLOADS! Did we say BONUSES? Every year valued partners come on board to offer AMAZING bonuses worth approx. $1300! See below ;D
  • Total hours of training value with bonuses: 22 and eligible for the Canada job grant, where they pay for 2/3 cost (value: PRICELESS).

TOTAL VALUE OF PROGRAM ALONE: $3,200 + over $1,300 in bonuses = 4,500 in value!


Not sure if it’s for you? Let’s have a call and find out!



If you are an entrepreneur, you will want in on these bonuses to help you in your business and create the clarity you need to move forward… in all aspects of your business! We’ve got you covered.

Janelle Anderson: Emerging Life Coaching

“8 Steps to Fearless Confidence” download

“Be Confident. Be Real. Be You.” mini course.

Value: $197

Gwen Smith

Gwen Smith: Your Friend in SpreadSheets

“Master your Financial Expenses in 5 Easy Steps”  hacksheet

Value: $97

Ame-Lia Tamburrini

Ame Lia Tamburrini: Hum Consulting

“Conflict to Connection – 3 strategies to turn challenging conversations into your best relationship-building tool”

A dialogue guide: 3 principles to move conversations from division to action

Value: $129

Pamela Cowan

Pamela Cowan: Build Resilience

How Well Do You bounce?

Test Your Resilience Quiz.
Resiliency is necessary for business success.

Ensure the most integral parts of your life can relied on, even when things get bouncy.

Value: $97

Sara Bazan

Sara Bazan: Your Voice, Your Vision, Your Destiny

“Profitable Video Template” to give you the confidence to stay visible, top of mind and competitive

Video tutorial laser session to walk you through the template

Script for your signature video you can use for your linkedIn profile or social media ads.

Value: $197


Anita Dawn Dyck: Anita Dawn Creative

Write your own irresistible copy for promotionals, social media and your website:

Mini master class that comes with printable workbook.

Value: $197


Beth Blanco

Beth Blanco: Money Minds

Beth’s book “Dust Yourself Off, My Dear: Nine Lessons for Living Your Best Life”

“Get Your Stuff together with Your Money download and Activity Workbook”

“Change your Money Mindset & Step into Abundance” Article.

Value: $97

Brenda Kolasa

Brenda Kolasa Creative Thinking Solutions & Coaching

“Overwhelm Survivors Kit for Busy Entrepreneurs & Leaders” recorded webinar : Value: $297

Top 50 Days to Change Your Life Blueprint: Value $97

Full Day Visual Branding MasterClass: “Secrets Your Graphic Designer Doesn’t Want You To Know. Shhh” Value: $297

That’s over $1300 just in bonuses, bringing the total value to approx. $4500!!


This program really helped me get my priorities in line as to what was important and needs to get done. The Kaizen method that Brenda teaches is absolutely worth the money just for it. All the other business tips you will receive are fantastic in the day to day grind. You won’t be disappointed in the least taking this program, it has helped me grow as an entrepreneur and business owner. I am now much more organized and a lot less stressed with my daily, weekly & monthly tasks.
Brandy R. - Sundre, AB.

This program is fantastic for anyone hitting a roadblock in their business.  The various strategies allow for anyone to come up with a few different logical approaches to problem solving, making it easy to find one that works best for you.
Alison W. - Edmonton AB.

Honestly, any program Brenda has works. It’s guidance, accountability and positive energy that we all need in business.
Amber H. - Medicine Hat AB.

Brenda Kolasa

Who the heck is Brenda anyway? Brenda Kolasa is an award-winning entrepreneur and creative problem solver that loves helping entrepreneurs and leaders achieve more in their businesses through focusing on an enjoyable process rather than the overwhelming endgoal.

She uses her coaching certification as a way to inspire clients to achieve their money-making goals with the confidence to master that annoying inner critic (who loves to step in and sabotage) and by developing key habits and strategies that will help them hit their goals and projections, and help save 5-10 hours per week to do the things they love.


SIGN UP NOW for just $897

*Are you in Canada and employ leaders and managers that you would like to invest in? Take advantage of the Canada Job Grant and save 2/3 of the price! Click here to email for more information and let’s jump on a call at 403-348-0120 to customize a program specifically for your company!


If after the first 2 classes (that you’ve attended, and completed the work on), you truly feel that it isn’t for you, I will not only give you your FULL REFUND, but I WILL LET YOU KEEP ANY OF YOUR AMAZING BONUSES  – no questions asked! Just to be clear… you will get your MONEY BACK that you have invested PLUS I am GIVING YOU over $1,300 on top of that in BONUSES.

That means the RISK is on Me, not you. Crazy right?!

Not risk… no excuses. 

ARE YOU READY for the EASY BUTTON and a full RECHARGE this year?  LET’S DO THIS.


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