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Brenda Kolasa
(Overwhelm buster… momentum maven and your ‘get unstuck’ girl)

Ever feel like you want to create more focus and fulfillment in your business but just don’t know how?

As a business owner or leader, it’s easy to feel like you are going at it alone. Those long to-do lists, extra hours and commitments can take a toll and moving into a brand new year – a new decade (!) can create extra pressure to grow, outperform and stay competitive.

If you’re thinking that 2020 is THE YEAR to start to GET SERIOUS and change what you’ve been doing in order to have the UPPER HAND, creating certain daily success habits can have a HUGE IMPACT on your mindset, your energy levels and your overall capability to keep yourself on track and CRUSH IT in your business.

By embracing new and positive habits into your daily routine, you will begin to know THE SECRET to what the most SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE IN BUSINESS have known all along…that by embracing powerful daily habits, you can EXPLODE your business. Not only will you start to feel lighter and more in control, but you will also start to see a positive impact on your relationships, customers and numbers as well.

Hi, I’m Brenda Kolasa and I love helping leaders get MORE out of their businesses through creating BETTER habits for success. The ability to commit to certain success habits have helped me to stay energized, competitive, and extremely productive for well over 25 years.

I can’t wait to share what I’ve learned, and what works for the world’s most successful business leaders in my new 4-day challenge. I’d love for you to join me starting JANUARY 13th to begin to start forming better habits which will help you to become more fulfilled, productive and focused.

You will be challenged throughout the week with a variety of unique ‘Quest’ Challenges – Success Habits. These will be a ‘test run’ of sorts to try out and by the end of the week, you will take what you’ve learned and start to naturally develop longstanding success habits to propel you into a STELLER 2020!

And if you don’t have Facebook, don’t worry! All registered participants will receive their ‘challenge quests’ straight into their inbox as well!


  • You will be given 8 different ‘Challenge Quests’. It is advisable that you accept all challenges, even if only for a day – however, you are free to select any or all that you wish to try. The more you try, the more points you get and the more entries into the prize draws.
  • Upon registration, you will be given a LINK to download the worksheet that will accompany our week together, highlighting the habits that you identify with and what you think you need to do in your business.
  • Speaking of PRIZES… you will have a chance to win my favourite downloadable cheat sheets, checklists and other special BONUSES from my 60-Day Recharge program starting January 29th (some bonuses not offered on the main page of my website) – as well as a chance to win Amazon gift cards.  Everyone who has formally signed up by filling out the registration form below will be entered for prizes.
  • Studies have shown that if you pronounce it to the world, you will be more dedicated towards your habit and it will have a much higher success rate. We will be doing a Facebook Live on FRIDAY, January 17th at 9am MST (mark your calendar) where you will be able to share your experiences from this challenge, and tell the world what what you are willing to commit to in 2020 (those who join me will get 5 extra entries into the draws!).
  • On our live call, you will also have a front row seat into my new RECHARGE program, where I will be sharing information, a special coupon code and explaining how we will be using different success habits as part of the program to help your business RECHARGE, IGNITE and EXPLODE into 2020.
  • All prizes will be awarded on our Thursday Facebook Live call.


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