FUN 5 Day ‘Scavenger Hunt’ Gratitude Challenge for Entrepreneurs, Leaders and Others Seeking Enlightenment and the Benefits of GRATITUDE.

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Do you want to be healthier, happier and more successful in your business? Your life? 

Showing gratitude is more than a one day occurrence. It is a habit that when used abundantly, can transform your life. We all have moments… people… pets and inspirations to be thankful for regardless of what is going on in our worlds. Sometimes, the simple act of noticing them on a regular basis can provide a sense of clarity and well being that impacts our lives greatly. 

Acknowledging gratitude can dramatically affect the way our day goes within our business and our personal lives. Studies have shown that those who show more gratitude are more successful AND healthier:

* Your heart is healthier * You sleep better * You’re more confident
* You feel happier * You’re more resilient

It doesn’t stop there. It turns out that gratitude can greatly affect your business as well. Forbes.com says that by expressing gratitude with employees on a regular basis (in other words, start catching people doing things right rather than wrong) makes them feel more appreciated, engaged and trusted; which decreases employee turnover. Besides a positive company culture and increased employee retention, gratitude can also benefit your business by improving customer loyalty, increased productivity, and stronger business relationships.

This challenge will allow you to foster new attitudes and habits by committing to a series of daily fun and unique ‘quests’ to challenge yourself with. Not only that, but there are some pretty fantastic PRIZES that will be given away as well! A list of prize examples will be in your welcome email. 

Hi, I’m Brenda Kolasa (overwhelm buster… momentum maven and your ‘get unstuck’ girl)I’m always  fascinated by how good I feel after acknowledging what I’m thankful for as part of my day.

I’m willing to bet that you will too – so I’d love for you to join me in the 5 day Quest for Gratitude Challenge starting OCTOBER 28th on FACEBOOK to begin to start forming better habits and allowing gratitude to become part of your daily practice. 


Know of a friend of colleague that could benefit?
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