Have you ever asked for a pause button… just to take a well deserved breathe and refocus?

Well, guess what? Your button has arrived. You may not have wanted to press it yourself, but it is here. And the thing is… it has an end date. It’s not going to last.

Remember the last time you said “I wish life were slower”“I wish there were more hours in the day”. A pause button – what was it that you wished you had more time for?

You have a prime opportunity.. if you choose to accept it.

Soon, it will be back to normal. You will once again be flying – busy… so so busy, with never enough time in the day to get anything done. So what are things that you WISHED you could get to?

Did you want to start that book that’s been sitting on the shelf for over a year now? Maybe there is a course that you wanted to dive into, but never had the time for before. Maybe it’s all of those emails that you never had time to read… Maybe you need to clean up your folders on your computer.

Whatever it is… you have been handed a gift (of sorts). This horrible thing that we call Covid-19 has actually given us something – it’s gone ahead and pressed the pause button.

Will you make use of it, or waste it away?

Post in the comments below one thing that you wanted to get done before all of this madness. 

That’s it for today – if you need someone to help you to clarify what priorities you should be focusing on right now, reach out.
I’ve got some great package deals on right now for this pause in life and they will help you with your stress, your overwhelm and all of that muddle inside your head.

Stay safe and stay home xo