Infuse creative-thinking into your life & get to your dreams, goals and intentions

SUNDAY, JANUARY 27th , 1pm

This Modern Day Muse® Workshop is for humans from all walks of life, people like you and I who are looking for new ways to give our lives a creative boost!

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  • Are looking for help to make your dreams and intentions a reality in a fun and creative environment;
  • Are looking for inspiration to live your fullest life;
  • Are looking for ways to create momentum in your business;
  • Want to do more of what you love to do;
  • Need help identifying hurdles limiting progress on your goals, intentions, dreams and passions;
  • Are looking for a fun way to think more creatively


‘Silly, fun, inspiring, empowering and life changing’

Introductory Price:

Only $45!

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Find out how Kaizen and KMCC tools can empower YOU to get to where you want and need to be in a gentle and empowering way.. one step at a time.