How to win back your motivatio and stay resilient in business | 30 Day Calendar

Tired of lacking the motivation needed to build your business?

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This calendar is an outline is a supplement to the “21 Ideas Blueprint”, that will help you to focus better and prioritize the things that: 

  • Make you more money
  • Create more clients
  • Free up time (to do the things you love again) and
  • Allow you to stay motivated, and have more FUN

…All of which help to stay resilient within your business.

Have fun with it.. develop new habits and change it up as you see fit.

You’ve got this!

Brenda Kolasa

Brenda Kolasa is an award-winning entrepreneur, speaker, visual brand expert & designer (30 years) and leader in personal development and peak performance strategies.

Known as the ‘overwhelm and procrastination buster’, she loves helping small business entrepreneurs achieve more in their business. She does this through private coaching and group workshops and infuses her trainings with various modalities including the philosophy of Kaizen, which is Japanese for small steps for continuous improvement.

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