Do you want to have more confidence and control in your business?

Do you want to uncover what keeps holding you back from making real progress?

Do you want to produce more without

One of the biggest challenges for entrepreneurs is developing your aligned, consistent and effective brand.

The Visibility Mastermind is specifically designed to provide support and training to help you to be known as the expert you are in your field. When your visibility grows, so does your client base.  And when your client base grows, so does your bottom line!

By empowering yourself to come out of your comfort zone to use your true and authentic voice, you will develop your own strategy and system to manifest a confident, stable and consistent business brand that makes a huge impact on your target.





Do you want to have more confidence and control in your business?

Do you want to uncover what keeps holding you back from making real progress?

Do you want to ACHIEVE  more without feeling so STRESSED, OVERWHELMED and UNCERTAIN?

Isn't it FINALLY time to get down to business and start doing the things that you've always wanted to do? - You've GOT this!


Are you ready to work on developing productive habits, a positive mindset and achieving important goals for your business with a small group of like-minded entrepreneurs and leaders that you can trust?

Isn’t it time to INVEST in YOU for a change?

No more overwhelm. No more procrastination. No more confusion.

Join a group that GETS you and SUPPORTS you.
Discover NEW and UNIQUE methods of thinking that will PROPEL you in your business like no other.

If you’ve decided that you want change to occur in your life and in your business, you are 80% there!

With the KM Infinite Mastermind Group, you have the ability to:

Achieve Your Goals

Learn how to crush your goals effortlessly as you get crystal clear on where your want to go in your business.

Cultivate Rockstar Confidence

Develop a positive and encouraging mindset that will make your feel confident about you and your business.

Kiss Overwhelm Goodbye

Gain relief from overwhelm, stress, and procrastination to get the productive results you need through unique strategies.

Gain Control Again

Re-discover your “Why” and your purpose so that you can start to enjoy working on and in your business once again.

Build Support

Become accountable to the group and help others on their journey through the ‘accountability buddy’ system to help you with your goals.

Think Creatively

Develop your creative muscle with different idea generation strategies that will help you in all aspects of your business.

Hi, I'm Brenda.

I am a Business Success Coach that has used different visibility techniques for over 25 years. I have developed multiple businesses and each has had their own unique hurdles and successes. I'd love to share with you what I've learn over the years and help you to strive towards making yourself more visible in order to create more opportunities for you and your business.

Join me - this is going to be so much fun!



Discover positive mental and goal strategies that can drastically improve the success of your business. Start implementing the same elements of success that profitable entrepreneurs use daily.

Within this mastermind, you will be supported in your goals, participate in challenges as well as be able to explore a combination of unique tool;s, strategies, fun “Muse Lessons”, and benefit from the collaborative support from others who will act as your cheerleaders for you and your business.

JOIN THE WAITLIST now and mark your calendar for FEBRUARY, 2020.

Week 1: Turning Goals into Results through the power of Kaizen.

This week will start by getting to know one another and begin to connect. Goals and intentions will be discussed, and through various exercises, you will begin to envision what the result of achieving those goals may look like to you. I will introduce the philosophy of Kaizen, and discuss how to reach your goals, passions and intentions one small step at a time.

Week 2: Do you hear what I hear?

This week, we will discuss how our mindset (positive and negative) can make or break us in our business…and how to stop negative self-talk in it’s tracks as we learn to support ourselves positively for a confident foot forward.

Week 3: Working with fear: Does it support or derail you?

This week, we discuss limiting beliefs, how to face your fears head on, and distinguish which are holding you hostage and which you have the power to release.

Week 4: Wildcard Theme Week!

YOU as a group get to decide what you would like to focus on that will benefit and support where you are in your life and in your business.

Topics could include: Procrastination, Self-Sabotage, Perfectionism, Discovering your Passions, Motivation, Being Audacious and Dealing with Negativity

Week 5: Looking at the World Upside Down

This week will be centered on exploring different and unique idea generation techniques for your business. Come prepared with an open mind and be prepared to laugh.

Week 6: Kaizen Wrap Up and Celebration Review

In our last week, we review everything including primary Kaizen principles, see where you are at with your goal(s) and discuss how to move forward with a solid vision of your next 12 months and the milestones in how to get there. 

Check out your ADDED BONUSES!

*Bonuses may change

  • One '911' Call session with Brenda. It's easy to get overwhelmed, but do you have someone that will help to lead you away from the cliff? You will get a private one-on-one call any time during the duration of this Masterclass to help you to get back on track so you can reach your goal(s) with clarity, confidence and momentum. (value $115us)
  • Self-Motivation Workbook (value $99us)

What others have said:

“I had the pleasure of taking the Kaizen-Muse Mastermind class with Brenda over the last few months and can’t believe how life changing it has been. 
I first registered for the class not knowing what to expect and really, I took it out of curiosity more than anything else. I was not really feeling like I needed anything in my life to reach the next level, but as this was something new that I had not heard about before, I wanted to know more. 
I was pleasantly surprised to learn how it was structured and what we would be doing and over the first 3 months I have unlocked doors that I did not know were slammed shut. I have found new direction, new purpose and am feeling energized and ready for what comes next. Over and above that, I have made new connections with people in my community that I will continue well beyond this course.

I would highly recommend this to everyone, no matter where you are at in your journey”.

Nicole Lorrain - Workforce Consultant, Alberta Labour

It can be difficult to let go of the things that we cling to, thinking we “want” or even need to have to be fulfilled. A step even before this could be to assess what is holding us in patterns and why….. the (KM) Mastermind program was/is so helpful in identifying and rooting out some old thought patterns and really asking ourselves why?

Wendy Ann - Sales Consultant

“Brenda’s mastermind helped me learn new strategies to think outside the box, ramp up my personal accountability and find peer support during turbulent times. I highly recommend her creative strategies.”

Michelle Andrishak - Wow! Women in Business and Leadership

“I thought that the class was great! My best takeaway was that working under unnecessary self induced stress makes everything a lot harder then it has to be. I’ve now worked hard to be more practical about my stresses levels and it’s helped me be more efficient.”

Desiree Evans, DIY Assist


6 Classes

Cost: $319us (approx. $425ca)


What is the difference between a Mastermind and a Group Coaching Class?
Masterminds are a smaller, more intimate class where everyone takes a turn sharing their issues, brainstorming questions and challenges. They learn, support and stay accountable to one another in their journey.

Group coaching classes often have a few more participants and are based more on some sort of specific training. There may be times where there wold be sharing opportunities, but that would be completely optional.

How do you meet?
Kaizen-Muse Infinite Masterminds meet online through Zoom.
Do I need any special technical skills?
Not at all. All you need is to have a zoom.us and a Facebook account (optional). Being a Facebook Member is a definite bonus, as we will meet, connect further and upload documents in our private Facebook Group.
What if I need to miss a class?
Sometimes, we just can’t help it, and one class wouldn’t hurt but to miss more than one will be hard for you to be able to connect with others, and the group totally misses out from not having you for those classes as well. If interested, please clear your schedule and treat it as an appointment not to be missed.
Do I get a deal if I can bring a friend?
I’m listening.. contact me and let’s talk – you never know what I may come up with!

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