We are all in some form of lockdown – wanting to support friends, family, employees, and colleagues while still longing to do what we love in our business. 

As we continue to get through the next while, it’s important to continue to strive to better ourselves.. to redefine ourselves… to connect with others… to be courageous … understanding and creative. Figuring out how to show up right now in our businesses can be difficult – especially when we don’t have the type of business that can adapt easily to being online.

So how do we cope with enormous upheaval, and still continue to make progress, stay top of mind and competitive when the thing that we really want to do is curl up and wish it all away. After all, we want to be proud of how we showed up at this time when we look back in a year don’t we? The last thing we want to say is  “Why didn’t I focus and give it all I had? Why didn’t I step up as a leader when I had the opportunity instead of binging Netflix for 8 hours a day?”. 

Everyone is going through this and most of us are feeling displaced in some form or another. Brenden Bouchard says thatwe must build healthy routines in being disciplined in how we show up and how we progress moving forward.” It’s so important right now that we don’t waste this chance. And the only way I can see to do that, is to face the truth and accept what is happening right now. Accept it and trust that what is happening will enable you to come out stronger… and better positioned than you were before.

3 Questions 

Brenden asks 3 questions of himself when he goes to bed at night: 

  1. Did I live today? 
  2. Did I love today?
  3.  Did I matter today?

He goes on to explain that truthfully, it’s not always a yes to all of those, and that’s when you tell yourself that you will do better tomorrow and remember to be patient with yourself. In other words, It’s ok if you’ve watched hours of Netflix one day without doing much else.. as long as it’s only temporary 😉

Personally, I’d like to add: “Did I learn anything today?”, “Did I connect with anyone today?” and “Did I show up today?”

So. Did you read anything? … listen to any podcast?… watch a Youtube video? … work on a new program or software? Did you learn anything? Did you connect with anyone today? Did you reach out at all to friends, family.. colleagues… clients? Did you show up today? Did you help to make breakfast? Were you there to offer guidance.. help… leadership?

These are all great questions to guide us in making positive decisions for ourselves and our loved ones – to look after what we need to be doing today for tomorrow and taking action and leadership role in that. 

 Three questions to guide you – how are you guiding yourself right now?

That’s it for today – and if you’ve recognized the need to be held accountable to get you moving in the right direction, start achieving again and checking those items off of your list, let’s talk.