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Sometimes We Just Need a New Perspective


…to allow us to get focused and view our situations in a more creative and inspiring way.

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Start Date: Monday, January 14th

Are you looking for a DIFFERENT Mastermind Collaboration to gain momentum and cut through the hurdles?

Want to be apart of a fantastic group of women who share, support and offer new ideas for your process?

This KAIZEN-MUSE® (Creative) MASTERMIND can help you to work on your own specific challenges, gain momentum, tools and inspiration towards your journey – whatever that may look like for you!

This Masterclass is PERFECT for:

  • Executives
  • Sales Reps
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Facilitators
  • Creatives
  • Anyone who is having a challenge reaching their projections and goals and is looking to gain solid momentum through a new way of thinking

Kaizen-Muse® Masterminds bring out the best in our creative thinking and in turn, helps us shine for others as we get past resistance and onto solutions.

Kaizen-Muse® [Creative] Masterminds will infuse you with creative and innovative thinking and in turn, helps you to shine for others as you get past challenges and start crushing your objectives and goals.

‘A Mastermind unlike any other! ‘



I enjoy speaking to groups, and this stuff excites me! I’m far from being a ‘professional speaker’, but we do have fun, and there will always be some pretty cool takeaways.

THE NINE MODERN DAY MUSES (and a Bodyguard): JANUARY 27th, 2019

This 1/2 day workshop will help you to infuse creative thinking into your life and get you to your dreams, goals and intentions with joy, momentum and ease.

This workshop is for humans from all walks of life, who are looking for new ways to give their lives a creative boost.

You will be accompanied by Nine Muses (and a bodyguard) to discover creative depths you never knew existed!

Join us for an inspirational, creative and fun afternoon of learning different ways to think beyond and conquer your own challenges – courtesy of the Muses (and the bodyguard of course. 😉


This 3 hour presentation / workshop examines Kaizen principles and how to utilize them in order to smash goals in a productive, and enjoyable way. I share the history of Kaizen as well as tips and tricks on how to overcome the fear center of the brain that stops us from fulfilling important dreams, goals and aspirations. Participants get to work on their own personal or company goals, and we discuss ways of gaining momentum and smashing our goals the ‘Kaizen’ way.


Creativity has become more important than ever in insuring that a workplace runs happily and produces innovative concepts. The most competitive businesses and organizations are using creativity and creative thinking to come up with new and innovative ways to view projects, ideas and problems.

This 3 hour presentation / workshop examines how creative thinking can benefit your workplace, and provides unique problem solving and brainstorming exercises to explore with. We will discuss a problem or an idea, and work together to come up with various solutions. If your employees can apply creative thinking to their everyday work life, you’ll find that not only will your team be more productive, they will be more energized, efficient and know how to implement creative tools when looking for new solutions.

This workshop can also be booked as a 4 part series where we will tackle an issue or problem with a different method each week. Please contact me at (403) 342-0122 to discuss.


Many times all it takes is someone to encourage a different train of thought. Tools that encourage conversation and get those creative juices flowing again. Most of the time, answers lie within the groups own brilliance – it just takes a bit of teamwork and collaboration to create those “Aha” moments and answers that we desperately want and desire.

Interested? I am currently putting together and ‘brainstorming’ my own content. If you are interested in knowing how I can help your group or team, please let me know!

“Unique and Creative Tools to help you and your group reach their goals”

I’m passionate about getting you to where you want to be in a fun, empowering and gentle way… one (Kaizen) small step at a time.

Loved your session the other night Brenda – it was fantastic.”
Leann Scarlett

Owner - Universal Mortgage Centre

Ph: (403) 348-0120  |  Click to Email  | Alberta, Canada