Having Trouble Getting to those GOALS you identified at the start of the year?

How much money is procrastination costing you?

If you want to STOP PROCRASTINATING, don’t want to miss out on this opportunity to GET THINGS DONE. 

Roll up your sleeves and join us to tackle your most important goal(s)… one step at a time. 


GOAL Production WORKshop

TUESDAY MARCH 22nd FROM 9 – 11am MST (11am – 1pm PST)

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Clear your schedule to get clarity and finally be productive in your goals

“People with goals succeed, because they know where they are going.. it’s as simple as that.” – Earl Nightingale

What’s it COSTING you in ⏰ and $$$ to keep PUTTING OFF IMPORTANT GOALS?

Start crossing off important milestones with this 2 hour WORKshop that will help to propel you forward in your business!

Use this time to work and ask questions such as:

  • How to break-down goals
  • How to stay motivated
  • How to find time for your goals

I, as your coach, strategist, and cheerleader will be there to provide feedback, solutions, and support.

This quarterly WORKshop is your PROCRASTINATION CURE, and will leave you feeling AMAZING and PRODUCTIVE!

*Comes with your own ‘GOAL SUCCESS TIPS’ Booklet.

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Brenda Kolasa

Hi, I’m Brenda.

I am an award-winning entrepreneur, podcast guest, speaker, and leader in personal development and peak performance strategies. My passion is helping entrepreneurs cut through the clutter and enjoy the process as they work to create the business they desire.

I use unique methods to help my clients build more confidence, create more clarity, and save more time as they reach their business goals with ease.