Creative Success Coaching

Creative People are Passionate.

And with that, comes a whole lot of unique challenges when we feel resistant in getting to our work.

Right Brain Thinkers

Challenges in that we can be a bit bull headed, and don’t want anyone to tell us what to do! (Ok, maybe that’s just me ;))

“Deadlines? hmph. not likely. I’ll do it when I want to do it!” “Rigid rules? Umm.. I don’t think so. I prefer a  fluid and non-linear way of working.” “I am super curious, passionate and persistent and love being in the flow – when I am in the mood.” “I love to generate ideas & solutions to problems in unique ways, but sometimes I get overwhelmed, lost and feel uninspired.”

… ANY of that Sound familiar?


As a Creative, you have a calling, and just don’t feel whole unless you are doing what you were destined to do – right?

It doesn’t matter if you are a writer, painter, quilter, or any other type of creative. We all deal with ups and downs, resistance and hurdles once in a while. It’s natural.

Have you ever felt:

… completely overwhelmed?
… overcome with Negative Self-Talk?
… overcome with Fear without knowing why?
… like you sabotage yourself continually, possibly due to childhood patterns?
… that your expectations were too high?
… that your perfectionism gets in the way of achieving your goals?
… that you lacked concrete ideas to take your next piece or project forward?

If you’re like me, you may experience ALL of these at times, and believe it or not – most of these are based on FEAR, ANXIETIES or WORRIES.

…Fear of looking stupid, Fear of failure, Fear of alienating friends or significant others, Fear of being too old, Fear of wasting time and/or money, and even Fear of SUCCESS!

The trick is “how do we get past all of that so that we DON”T ALLOW FEAR RUN OUR LIVES?”

The KMCC style of coaching offers a gentle, non-judgmental and FUN way of getting you to your goals and overcome your fears, anxieties and worries that can hinder creativity.

We will discuss:

  • How Kaizen, (which is a Japanese term for “Continuous Improvement Made Through Small Steps”) can bypass the fear centre in the brain, and overcome resistance.
  • Possible solutions including what has been done in the past, and what could be done now
  • How to create new habits with positive self-talk
  • How to ask yourself small questions for the brain to solve as you go throughout your day
  • Various tools that take the pressure off, and start to make a difference
  • To think differently and more creatively so that you can overcome hurdles in new and exciting ways.

Are you ready to open up your mind and experience a new way of thinking?

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I had the pleasure to work with Brenda and her Kaisen-Muse Creativity Coaching and I was more than satisfied with the results! Brenda’s insight and compassion were top shelf, and her patience with me when I was struggling to find my path was amazing. I would recommend anyone who is looking for an innovative new approach to focusing on their goals and going after their dreams to give her coaching a shot!”
Vanessa Mccroy - Run'n On Empty

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